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Relocation Expenses
Most employers will pay for a return air fare plus an allowance for excess baggage. Short term accommodation and rental transport will normally be freely provided for two weeks to a month upon arrival into Cayman. The above allowances must be discussed with the employer as they will vary. A number of employers will also provide an optional initial loan to allow employees to settle in.

Personal Items
Employees should bring personal effects with them.This excludes furniture as all condos are fully furnished. The items must arrive within six months of entry so as not to attract a customs duty. It is more cost effective to bring personal items as most consummables on Cayman are imported and have customs duty attached to them.

The public transport system does exist in the form of taxis and buses, but most people in Cayman use motor vehicles, and increasingly more frequently, motor bikes to get around. There are many motor vehicle dealerships from which to purchase new and excellent second-hand vehicles. The private second-hand vehicle market is also strong and vehicles can be acquired from as little as US2,000. A good value vehicle can be purchased for about US6,000 to US8,000. Many people also choose to import their vehicles directly from Japan or the US. Many employers will provide bridging finance for the vehicles but the preferred option is to have sufficient cash available through your own means upon arrival.

The cost of accommodation can vary extensively and we encourage new residents to do their research carefully and visit as many places as possible once they've arrived in Grand Cayman. Word of mouth can also make for easier access to suitable housing. The more work that candidates put into finding accommodation will result in them getting more for their money.

The most popular option is to use a real estate agent. The service is free to the tenant as the owner pays for the agent's time. Candidates can also look through the Friday classified adverts in the Cayman Compass newspaper and call around, or place an 'accommodation wanted' advertisement for themselves.

Most condo complexes will have a pool and probably a tennis court. On inception of the lease one month’s deposit plus one month’s rental in advance is generally required.

For guidance purposes, we provide the following information on typical rental costs on apartments. Note that most people who arrive in Cayman - unless they are part of a couple - will usually choose to share accommodation with other expatriates.