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 South Africa


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We specialise in providing career guidance for recently-qualified professionals and experienced professionals for the Cayman Islands, but will help candidates who wish to move to other locations.

We will provide free, objective advice from someone who has lived and worked in Cayman and understands the offshore employment market and your needs. We are not tied to particular companies and that means that we can give your career the widest range of possibilities to choose from.

We were created in a response to the desire of many accounting professionals to find overseas career destinations offering attractive tax-free remuneration and an outstanding quality of life.

We are based in South Africa but have active contacts in London and other parts of the world. This allows us to meet with interested professionals to discuss their goals and to share our experience from living and working in the Cayman Islands.

We believe that by moving forward to internationalise the professional’s life, they will benefit from significant personal growth as well as professional development, enhancing their expertise to include US GAAP and IFRS reporting skills, as well as highly-marketable financial services exposure, enabling them to fast-track their careers. Relevant training will be provided by the employing companies to candidates who have obtained their professional designation but have minimal exposure to the financial services industry.

If you have a friend or colleague in the profession who may be interested in working overseas, please direct them to Worldwide-Recruitment's website. For a successful placement you will be entitled to a finder's fee for your help.

We can provide opportunities for accounting professionals to work as accountants in the varied industries that allow the Cayman Islands to function so effectively. These include but are not limited to:

· Financial
· Retail
· Telecommunications
· Audit and consultancy
· Tourism
· Food and beverage

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